George Floyd protests: Fires set, windows smashed, stores looted in NYC after Day 4

Parts of New York City woke up to the aftermath of George Floyd protests that once again turned destructive late Sunday night into early Monday morning.

Dramatic video showed the damage unfolding in SoHo as protesters smashed into luxury stores, stealing items and clashing with police.

Police believe it is the result of well-organized groups infiltrating peaceful protests, turning them into a riot.

The NYPD arrested more than 250 people. Seven police officers were hurt. None of the injuries is life threatening.

The scene as the sun came up Monday morning looked like a war zone, following looting at several high-end stores like Bloomingdale's, Tory Burch and Gucci, which are hallmarks of the SoHo area.

All have been closed for the last couple of months due to coronavirus restrictions. They now sit vandalized and looted.

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