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Russian war songs from many different wars involving Russians. The first wojak is based on the MVD in The Second Chechen War. The second wojak is based on the VDV in the Soviet Afghan War, and the third wojak is based on Spetsnaz Recce in The Second Chechen War. Some of these songs have artists that are unknown/hard to find. If you know the artist, then just comment the original artist and I will credit them. Also some of the songs might not be war related but they match with the aesthetic of the wars. The wars most of these songs come from are The Chechen Wars and The Soviet Afghan War.

00:00​​ KINO - Спокойная ночь
06:23​​ Unknown - Wounded In The Soul Afghanistan
08:26​​ Тимур Муцураев - Чечня в Огне
13:15​​ Song Taken from The Soviet Experience - Our Ordinary Combat Work
15:21​​ А у разведчика судьба порой..."
17:18​ Под прицелами
19:54​​ Чечня в огне армейская песня
23:00​ Russian War Song "Rising Dawn"
27:45​ Здравствуй, мама
30:32​​ Yuri Kirsanov - Over The Mountains The Helicopters Circle
33:32​​ КINO - Пачка сигарет
37:58​​ Lyube - Soldat
43:05​ ДДТ- Родина
47:43​ Alexander Rosenbaum - Black Tulip
51:34​​ Lyube - Луговая трава
55:28​ Farewell to the mountains