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Epic MTB shredding - Trail crashes and urban sending! Me, lewi and my girlfriend head out on the e-bikes and ride the local mtb trails before finding some sick urban MTB freeride spots! Which spot was best?

Today was epic, me Lewi and my girlfriend Hope went out for a shred session on the Haibike e-bikes round my hometown. Lewi Pilgrim was on his new Haibike allmtn 2.0 so he was excited to try it so we went down to the local trails where he ended up having a huge crash! After smashing some corners Hope decided she wanted to send a huge jump. We then threw down some tricks on the step up before cruising downtown to find some urban MTB freeride spots. I found a huge wall ride that i'd never ridden before which was awesome, although I did have a big crash the first time hitting it!
Hope ended up hitting her biggest stair set of doom which was awesome to see and Lewi learnt a new trick. I'm so thankful for Haibike sending me all these bikes as it makes cruising around and having fun way way easier. I then finish off the video with a min cake electric moto wheelie session!

I hope you enjoy the video!